Dashlaunch 3.03

Nueva versión de Dashlaunch.

Añade principalmente soporte al nuevo xebuild con dash 16197

creado por  cOz

traducido por Gromber

skin halo 4 – poner junto a default.xex

De paso un enlace para XBDM SCSE, un plugin dll para dashlaunch, que permite conectar la consola al sdk, para realizar capturas ingame o programar.


Dashlaunch 3.03

- some commented code made contpatch non-functional on untouched demo containers
- added polish translation
- add nohealth option, disables kinect health pseudo video at game launch
- add autofake option, when enabled fakelive functionality is enabled during dash and indie games only (thanks BioHazard!)
- added some failsafe code to lhelper and launch to ensure auto profile signins occur
- moved boot time quick launch button check to lhelper, it now occurs at the point where bootanim freezes (approx)
- removed bootdelay option, it should no longer be required
- add corona 4G memory unit path
- add fakeanim path
- fix bugs related to Guide/Power paths
- add PIRS type content to installer launch item parsing
- add nooobe option, disables setup screens when settings already exist
- dash launch now patches xam to prevent flash updates from appearing when updaters newer than current are on devices
- wired controller poweron causes should now be recognized from all ports for Guide path
- added new option ‘farenheit’
- add 16197



Xbox 360 Debug Monitor

super cool science edition


by Natelx

if you dont read the readme i’m not helping you

set it as a dashlaunch plugin

it does fun stuff, like debugging and junk

if you want to change the color, you do “setcolor name=%s”, where %s can be:

nosidecar is the default

use wifi at your own risk!
ethernet is faster! (much faster)

stuff may break, bug reports are fun

Steve the MSPaint Dinosaur says hi


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