XMPLAYER siz edits v2

sizanx ha sacado una nueva versión, basada en el ultimo source publico que colgo ced, de este reproductor multimedia para 360.

Añade unas cuantas mejoras.

Creado por Ced2911 y mejorado por sizanx

Changelog version 0.0.1.siz-v2:
-Fixed: When entering a new folder “Item number/All item number” will not update until moving down on d-pad
-Fixed: When paused, the osd buttons (y, xbox, x) unpauses video, only “a” pauses/unpauses now
-Changed: The page down icon now only shows, if there are at least more items than a page (10 items pr page)
-Changed: the subtitle quick fix from initial commit has been updated, it looks more stable now
-Added: A “smart menu” that saves your last selection and path when exiting a menu or playing a video (using y and then exit!)
-Added: Resume-playback function: if you stop a video in the middle of playing, it will save last position and resume from there if desired (more than a minute of video has to be played).

Attention: the smart menu and resume playback only works properly if you exit via Y-button, not B!

-Some usb-devices don’t mount (= endless loading), try format from linux or fat32 format gui. I have tried with different mount code, it mounts but the videos are extremely buggy, slow and crash quickly.
-After a video is played, sometimes the d-pad is unresponsive! Press B and go back in menu. Hopefully fixed until next time.
-Sometimes it doesn’t mount the usb, just sda, restart, it’s common.
-Mkv’s with included subs work, but it doesn’t seem it can seek (seek to time, or just go one ahead)

My github: https://github.com/siz-/xmplayer

I stress again, I am not a coder, this is just a hobby, this is the first c/c++ I’ve done. I am not a part of the libxenon team.

The hardware I use: a 2,5″ Toshiba Stor.E 640GB Hdd, formatted with Fat32 Format Gui. Haven’t tried using ntfs yet.

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